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Game is incredibly fun! We love finding cool local multiplayer games like such! Enjoyed every second of making this video 😂

awesome! thanks for this! (also i fixed the junk ass controller problem)

Hello Knight Club guy, is there any chance of this becoming online. I know this is highley unlikely, but I'm the only person for me to play with. (Can't travel. Only gamer. Friends live far away.)

There is a chance it could have online play in the future. However, since this is just an alpha demo, it wont be added for a while.

Why do you insist that we use a controller. I don't have one, and the game works fine.


I fixed the controller issues. Sorry about that, folks.

Its really fun and me and my friends play it together literally all the time

That is awesome!

As other players say there's a problem with controllers

I really love to wavedash in this game, weapons are pretty well balanced, I'm looking forward for the final product, Good work so far!

The controller issue should be fixed now.

This is so freaking awesome!! :D

Looks Awesome, But I Think You Should Add Bots For A Single Player or Multiplayer Experience.

I would Love That :)


Nevermind mate, I figured it out! Good game!

Is there any possibility of online play? I'm the only person where I live who is good at games. :(

How do I start a game?

I can't get past the screen where you select characters. Do I need a controller to progress, because I don't have one.

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Pressing start on the first controller seems to just not work on the knight selection screen. It works for the title screen, though. I also tried pressing every other button, and none of them worked in place of start on the knight selection screen. The second controller I had plugged in did work, and when switching them around, the first controlled worked in the second USB slot and the second controller did not work in the first.


I have the same issue, i am running Windows 7 and using  Xbox 360 Controlers.

They should be good to go now. Sorry about that.

Sorry about that. I fixed the issue. Controllers should work as normal now.

I love the little green bushes and pots!!! They remind me of Zelda for SNES. Childhood memories, about to cry!

What software did you build this in?

We made this in Game Maker Studio.

Thanks! I just checked it out and it looks so cool!

Incredible game, i played with my son and had a lot of fun.

Nice! Thank you!

How do you start it?

Hey rat how do you start it

The start button, of course!


I'm not really sure what you need to know. The controls are on the game page. Where are you getting stuck?

No I got it now


No macOS version? :(

Not yet!

I’m looking forward to it :)

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