A downloadable game

i decided to clone one of my favorite games as a sort of study. i wanted to understand why Woah Dave! plays the way it does. why the spawn rates are what they are, why enemies move the way they do, and why Dave controls the way he does.

i made this game in a few hours. it is in no way a "complete" game. its entirely an exorcise in game design.

i find that its one thing to say "game design choice x is this way because of cause y" but its an entirely different thing to put yourself in the shoes of of the developer and do the damn thing. its easy to say "this should change because of blah blah blah" and its difficult to get in the game, and make those changes, and see what happens.

anyway. everyone should play Woah Dave! and its pretty cheap. its on all sorts of platforms. heres a link you should check out.


Install instructions

use a controller. its better.

otherwise use arrow keys, a and s.


Damn Dave!.exe 2 MB